Planet Peek-A-Boo: Animation/Live Action Show

Planet Peek-A-Boo® is a musically based live/animation show that offers preschoolers a unique experience of “Peeking Into Learning” while being entertained. 

Show Outline

Each episode, a group of children are invited to step inside a live colorful studio. The Peek-A-Boo Crew® appear via “Peek-A-View”, which is a large video wall greeting them from Planet Peek-A-Boo Studios.

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The “Peek-A-View” is where the children“peek” into the magical colorful world of Planet Peek-A-Boo

Each episode is filled with a variety of fun and educational experiences.  The show format is back and forth from live studio interaction with the children and interaction with the characters and cartoon learning via the “Peek-A-View”

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During the live studio recording children introduce themselves and the four main cartoon segments. Part of the fun is the raw footage captured and edited into the final show.  Kids say the darndest things!

Within the show, the Peek-A-Boo Crew® each have their own themed segment in which they “Peek into Learning” something new.   

Each episode is filled with a variety of fun and educational experiences.  Within the show, the Peek-A-Boo Crew® each have their own themed segment in which they “Peek into Learning” something new.  

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Take a peek at the video below to learn what this Animated/Live Action Cartoon is all about.

No adventure is complete without their customary mode of transportations “Happy Craft” also know as Happy.  “Happy” transports the The Peek-A-Boo Crew from Planet Peek-A-Boo Studios to their exploring, learning adventure locations around Planet Earth. After each segment he delivers the Peek-A-Boo Crew home safely to Planet Peek-A-Boo.

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  Four Main Learning Segments

  • •  Earthy Crunchy  Peek-A-Boo Lillaquin and Lynx the Cat explore what Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Art-See Smart-See  Peek-A-Boo Rachael uncovers many different ways to be creative with arts/crafts and food.  
  • Let’s Move it  Peek-A-Boo Mia and Mackie seek out all types of music, dance and sports.  
  • What In The World?  Professor Peek-A-Boo learns all about the interesting happenings on Earth and shares it with the kids.  

Visual Concept 

The Peek-A-Boo Crew®, Planet Peek-A-Boo® and their Studio, are always animated. When they visit Earth, these colorful cartoon characters against real life backgrounds produce an eye-popping experience.  

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Within this show experience children do the following things:

  • Watch cartoon learning segments. 
  • Interactive classroom activities (arts/crafts/dance/exercise).
  • Learn, sing and have fun recording Planet Peek-A-Boo® Songs.

Planet Peek-A-Boo® offers a new concept to preschoolers: The idea of  Peeking” into Learning allows for the natural development of a child’s inquisitive growing mind. 

Planet Peek-A-Boo® encourages young children to discover and explore, while being entertained. Learning to be self motivated individuals with confidence and trust in themselves. 

Children will be excited to tune into each episode and go on adventures with The Peek a Boo Crew!®  

PeekABooCrew with words


In this segment "Earthy Crunchy"Lillaquin and Lynx, they deliver information about manatees.  Using a short catchy tune they capture young viewers attention while peeking into learning a few simple facts about the manatees. 




The Show starts with their opening theme song and greeting followed by a mixture of cartoon segments and live studio activities with the visiting children. The show wraps up with a rhyme or song followed by The Planet Peek-A-Boo closing song, Peek 2U Later.  

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Planet Peek-A-Boo offers a unique interactive learning experience that will keep them coming back for more.


“Have Fun, Be Curious and Keep Peeking”...                                          with all the characters from Planet Peek-A-Boo.                                                             


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