PEEK-A-BOO The Movie  : Animation/Adventure/Comedy/Family/Fantasy                                                     by Gina Rose Barker-Merluzzi



A group of cartoon characters find themselves hopelessly lost in the "real world" after being swept from the security of their book in The Magical Library. Though some have suspected, no one really knows that all classic fairy tale and cartoon characters, like the Peek-A-Boo Crew, must inhabit the pages of their books at The Magical Library or all their books out in the world go completly and mysteriously blank. Now, the adventure begins as they are "missing and must "Peek" around in the "real world" in search of a way back home to their book, thus restoring all the blank pages back to normal… before anyone notices and especially before story book bedtime begins.

Synopsis:WGA# 1208272


"Peek-A-Boo" The Movie 


A day after the successful release of The Planet Peek-A-Boo book, an astonishing thing happens.  All around the world, copies of their best selling book are found with nothing but blank pages, leaving children shocked.

Unknown to most but the highest CEO’s of the children's publishing industry, there is a secret place called The Magical Library where all the “live copies” of the most famous fairy tales and nursery rhymes are kept.  When the new Planet Peek-A-Boo book arrives, the "library keepers", which include...The Wise Wizard, MaMa Goose and Peachy and Toby Fairy throw a grand celebration to welcome these new storybook characters. 

Rule number one is broken when these six cartoon characters, (The Peek-A-Boo Crew), accidentally leave the Magical Library and miss storybook bedtime.

There is much excitement and confusion as these cartoon characters mix with the outside world. Meanwhile, the Library keepers, Mr. Big Wig (Publishing company CEO) and Gean Beans (author of the Planet Peek-A-Boo book) frantically search for the missing Peek-A-Boo's. The Peek-A-Boo Crew stumble into a variety of adventures while they search for a way back to the Magical Library and back into their book, restoring it to normal.

Finally, when all is calm and the storybook characters are rallied back into their book, a large book cover closes on the movie screen. Now, we find ourselves in little Pete's bedroom with his mom, just finishing a Peek-A-Boo Crew storybook before bed.   The storybook title reads, “The Adventures of The Peek-A-Boo Crew Outside The Magical Library”.  Surprise!  I wonder what adventures the Peek-A-Boo Crew will encounter next time?



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